But what business? Well, something that they loved to eat, something that gave people options and something that could provide a family experience. So, quick answer...they made a list of all the food and desserts they liked, looked at business models and went against everything the experts said do! They decided to do it bigger and more over the top....A shave ice business that would bring culture in a cup.

But why a food truck? 
It was a fun way to introduce their products to the masses in various cities and get their feet wet in the food industry.
Why a green food truck? It was the best priced one they found! Seriously, it was the cheapest one with all the bells and whistles to start a shave ice business.
It was a custom made food trailer less than a year old and the previous owners bought it to for their son to run a sno ball shack. That son moved on and his parents posted the trailer for sale! 

The Frozen Licks green food trailer made its debut in April 2018 and closed its flap for the last time in October 2018.

Running that food truck was hard work but it worked its way into events, private parties, community days, fundraisers, festivals, state fairs and more! 
What a weekend gig.....that first season proved two things: families loved their frozen treat and the food truck struggle was real (real hard work). But to these owners, it meant moving to the next level. 

Life happened for five months as the green food trailer chilled in storage for the winter eventually being posted for sale. It found a new home with owners who were buying it to start a snocone family business on their family farm. The green food trailer was off to new beginnings in a far away state.

The next course of action was to make Frozen Licks the coolest company ever! They were on a mission for a mall storefront to introduce the brand to a larger market. Through many efforts, Frozen Licks opened its store in Fair Oaks Mall (Fairfax, VA) April 2019. Due to leasing caveats in regards to mall specialty leasing, their season in that store came to an abrupt end as their space was leased to a permanent store franchise. Their last weekend of operation in Fair Oaks Mall (Fairfax, VA) was August 1, 2019. During the mall experience, Frozen Licks International Shave Ice was introduced to thousands of new people and thus validating their next business move. Of course it takes time to put that next phase in motion, so they are continuing to move forward with their catering and events division until such time.

Franchise opportunities coming soon. Inquire within.


We accept cash and all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card.