Special Mesage from the Owners

August 5, 2019

Hello there!

Thank you for staying in touch with us. We have some exciting news coming soon but want to fill you in on what's been going on lately. So, we are celebrating two things: The next level in our business together and the end of a great season at Fair Oaks Mall (Fairfax, VA). This past weekend was the last day Frozen Licks would be operational at this location. Don't be sad because we aren't. There is so much red tape and behind the scenes things that happen with contracts in business. What we want you to know is that Frozen Licks is not out of business, we have just closed this particular mall location. We are moving on to our next level implementing our next vision obviously quicker than anticipated. As business owners, we plan for as much as we can but unforseen circumstances happen and therefore bring on new opportunities. We were notified that our space was leased to a permanent long-term franchise negating our specialty mall leasing contract. What that does is gives us even more motivation and confirmation of the vision that God gave to us. Of course, we went into this space believing that this would be our flagship store eventually as a permanent long-term tenant as the first store in our franchise. We are excited about what seemingly a negative situation becomes with a positive mindset. Keep following us and sharing your photos with our products so we may continue to grow with you.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to presenting our next business moves, products and endeavors with you!

Victor & Tonya

Owners, Frozen Licks


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